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Although we Salamanders Workshop is masters of our pets, our constant observation of them makes us think of the many virtues that they possess and that we lost at some point.

These things that we should all learn from pets will not only be a lesson to us, but we may also be encouraged to improve certain aspects that we believed to be irreparable.


Yes, the most powerful word in the world continues to be used by humans very easily, although its good performance is often conspicuous by its absence.

Like our doggy, loving another person without condition resists us and jealousy, possession or boredom lead us to break with that couple for which it was not so difficult to fight.

Enjoying the little things

A can of different food, a walk in the park, a caress. . our pets are satisfied with any minimal change that happens in their otherwise limited domestic existence. If all these things can cause you happiness in such a small space, how would it be in complete freedom?

We, on the other hand, believe that we are happy buying plasma televisions and going out to buy bread seems to be the height of an odious routine.

Be faithful and loyal

A lot of people are unfaithful. To their partners, to friendships, even to themselves. Our pet, especially when it comes to dogs, they don’t change us for anything, they obey us, they only come to us and never betray us.

A symbiosis that certain people do not carry at all well even after many ruptures and betrayals.

Living with different people

Racism, machismo or homophobia are evils that the 21st century has not yet managed to eradicate completely, and although it is true that some animals have antagonistic enemies, dogs, cats and birds can live in the same environment without ending up turning our home into a battlefield.

On the other hand, different breeds of cats or dogs usually interact in the same way most of the time.

They don’t understand missiles, beatings or fanaticism, you know…

Foster empathy

Our dog waits for us when we walk a little slower, he licks our wounds and approaches us when they see us cry.

Some of us shout at the slower walker, at most we will bring that person closer to the pharmacy and the wounds (physical and psychological) interest us at first, but without abusing too much.

Embracing freedom

We, lucky, can allow ourselves to embrace those dreams as well, except that no one will come looking for us to keep us at home. The problem lies, paradoxically, in the fact that we rarely dare to be really free.

No matter how domesticated our pets are, especially cats, they will always have the impulse to escape, to embrace their freedom.

Don’t complain so much

A dog should go for a walk on a leash, be locked up most of the time at home and eat a diet with little incentive. Still, we don’t hear them complaining.

We, on the other hand, have learned to blame the rest of our problems, to complain in a world that is too demanding, and to reject anything that is minimally annoying, even for our own good.

Socialize without the need for social networks

Surely you have never dared to talk to that girl who travels on the subway with you every day because in society it is not good to talk to someone like that, just like that.

Then we get home and we do talk to that other girl through an app that is a personal lifesaver to all these difficulties. However, our pet does not understand shields or prejudices, she simply prepares to go out and approach the first dog that passes to rub and run together.

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